Explore remnants of a dead city's past and talk to ghosts, while an enigmatic spire looms above you. Twine fiction.


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If I could make a reccomendation, a save feature would be handy for folks like me (I have a toddler, so my personal time is about 5 mins long). Maybe just a Load on the first page with a Save in the main areas?


I'm glad you like the game! Thank you for playing.

Unfortunately this is made with Twine 1, and the code is heavily reliant on custom macros, so I couldn't get a save feature to work. Sorry for the inconvenience! Hopefully you can at least leave the browser tab open between sessions :)

I really like this game, its haunting poetics combined with the enigmatic symbols creates a melancholy story pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle of...darn, I lost it. Good game though.